Video games are an excellent way to discover new stories. No matter if you’re searching for an abandoned home or leading your troops into battle, there are endless possibilities. As gaming becomes more diverse and players are more open about their experiences, video game narratives have increasingly incorporated LGBTQ+ themes.

Gay visual novel

Gay narrative games usually deal with sensitive topics with care and respect, as well as giving players the freedom to choose the way in which these narratives are told. From romances to political protest, these games let players to create the character’s story by making choices.

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While the majority of these series aren’t explicitly LGBTQIA+ themselves, they have characters who are LGBTQIA+ or supportive of these identities. A few examples include Life Is Strange, where you are able to choose to love with a bisexual girl named Alex Chen; and Gone Home In this game, the player is a part of the suburbs of a home that is populated with families, friends as well as love interests of all sexual gender identities.

Gay pc games

Another example is A Normal Lost Phone, in which you get to read through the private conversations of a stranger’s phone messages while they move through the confusion of confusion over gender identities. This is a heart-warming and moving story of self-love and acceptance which, unlike most video game stories, doesn’t rely on stereotypes or cliches to communicate its message.

Gay mobile games

When it comes to same-sex romance, there are few games that can do it better than Larian’s legendary role-playing game Undertale. The ability to marry a pansexual vampire, a dragonborn sorcerer whose secret, or even the literal daughter of a god contributes to the excitement of this fantastic game which was a huge success shortly after its release.

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In recent times, the third installment of the venerable Dragon Age franchise was one of the first Triple-A games with an entirely transgender protagonist. The franchise has long been a champion of queer representation, however this game stands out due to its collaboration with members of the trans community to develop and develop the character.

There are numerous great LGBTQIA+ games on this list, including romantic games and role-playing. One of the most popular is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic It allows you to play as the role of a Jedi that can be with any woman or men, while fighting for the freedom of all living beings.

One of the best visual novels from the year 2017 is Dream Daddy. It has an eminent fan base due to its unique appeal and romance possibilities. It is possible to meet a variety of dads from this hilarious and charming dating sim, ranging from Goth Dad to Bad Dad every one of them offering unique traits. You can also play Ellie who is a lesbian survivor who has to protect her family in a postapocalyptic United States.