Gay romantic games are rare and highly regarded, particularly within the video game realm. Although some gamers have claimed that gay characters aren’t necessary or beneficial, it is undeniable that games with LGBT characters can raise awareness of the community and promote tolerance. They also allow players to create more diverse characters and provide players with an experience they might not have experienced as children.

Games with gay romance

There are a variety of games that have gay, lesbians, bisexuals or transgender romances. Some of these games are highly popular. The Jade Empire, a game created by BioWare which provided a number of options for same-sex relationships that was one of the first. Sky and Silk Fox were both able to have a romantic relationship with anyone of any gender. This was a major leap forward for a Chinese Fantasy game at the time. Other games that have gay romances include the Eroge Maji De Watashi Shinasai that has two gay couples as well as the Bully series, in which the player has the option of locking lips with any girl, and get health back.

Gay romance games

Dragon Age included same-sex relationships. The main protagonist of the game, a mute male Courier has the option of selecting the perk Confirmed Bride, that gives him an advantage when it comes to romantic interactions with other gay NPCs, and also gives an advantage over males of other genders. The female NPC Momoko can also be romanced by selecting the perk Girl x Boy however this will depend on the luck of the draw and how the player runs Momoko.

Games with lgbt romance

Another noteworthy example is Larian’s high-risk Dungeons and Dragons RPG Baldur’s Gate III, where the player has the option to meet an asexual vampire, the actual daughter of a goddess, or an elf barbarian. Although not essential for the plot, these choices add depth and make the gameplay more intriguing.

Carrot top is gay

Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines, based on the tabletop edition that has the same name, features a myriad of LGBT romances that are based on the actual clans of the original game and are compatible with the setting. This is more of a game of social experimentation for the players to see the reality of be gay within the context of a role-playing game.

The 90’s Squaresoft SNES platformer Playboy The Mansion has a character named Heff and can be flirty with and begin relationships with any NPC within the game. While this may not seem like anything to talk about in the context of the modern-day, re-imagined games but for an SNES game of that time it was revolutionary. In the cult iconic Neon Genesis Evangelion, Kaworu can be romantically enticed by male or female. In the same way, Seven Sins is a game that focuses on playing a role-playing game that entices women, does have a few encounters with males too.