Puzzles, brainteasers and other games that call for the use of both parts of your brain. The challenge of solving puzzles can help train your visual-spatial reasoning which is vital for improving memory, learning, and concentration.

Gay puzzle

Certain games include gender-neutral themes and characters in ways that are both surprising or significant for players. For example when playing the platform game Celeste it is possible to play as a transgender character. Celeste’s designer, director as well as writer, Maddy Thorson, is transgender herself, so this part of the game is authentic and real.

Puzzle gay 

Another option is the role-playing game Undertale that includes at least five characters who are queer and allows you to love multiple of them. You can learn more about gay, bisexual and transgender characters in Mae Borowski’s underground town by choosing different characters.

Another game with queer content is Catherine, which has multiple romantic options for the main character, including gender neutral options and a pansexual option that is misinterpreted as a girl. Catherine: Full Body adds additional romantic choices to this original game. Alongside providing various romantic relationships, Catherine: Full Body also introduces new characters, and expands on some storylines from the original game.