Gamers come from a range of backgrounds and identities. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a foreign world or leading troops on the battlefield Video games provide an array of stories that engage your imagination and your senses. Video game makers are increasingly including LGBT characters into their stories to ensure that everyone are represented.

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This article will examine the most popular Indie Gay Games that are on the market now or are coming soon. Other games are still finding their audience, but have received some critical acclaim. All are worth the time and effort, so pick one up and give it a go!

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The side-scrolling adventure game follows pansexual college dropout Mae who returns to her home town of Possum Springs, only to find out that there are some strange changes, and a mystery. With well-rounded characters and a compelling storyline, A Night In The Woods is an excellent option for those searching for a different representation.

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Download Small Town Emo, a fun game with a pixel look that lets you embrace your inner teenager who is emo/angsty. The cult classic takes place in New Zealand and follows Ken an aspiring high school student who has a crush for Patricia and her rival. This is one of the earliest triple-A titles to include a female lead.

The Sims is one of the more recent games which has taken on this concept. The latest version allows players to get married this is a huge milestone for many LGBTQIA+ individuals.

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The critically acclaimed Life Is Strange was another standout in the episodic gaming format. It allowed you to tune in for new chapters every month, with your choices impacting the direction of the narrative and the conclusion. The original title included Max Caulfield who was mute and could reverse time. The 2017 sequel, Before The Storm, added the story of a love affair between twin lesbians Rachel and Ellie.

Bioware’s Dragon Age series is no fan of controversy, but the latest installment in the series has done a lot to correct its bad reputation. With a sophisticated romance system players can attract a wide range of romantic partners. From the 10-foot tall Freddie Prinze Jr. to Cremisius Acclasi – the very first trans character in the series – gamers have plenty of options.

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If you’re looking to be more than just a game, then play Pride at Play. This collection of games showcases the diversity of gaming and advances the understanding of the ways games can be utilized to open up new possibilities, while allowing gamers to express themselves. The show, hosted by Sydney College of Arts is open to the public and is completely costs nothing.