You can find LGBT-themed PC games here. These are the most well-known games that deal with the issues of gender and sexuality, whether it’s from an bisexual, gay or pansexual viewpoint.

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Bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgender characters form an integral element in video games that seek to represent the whole of humanity. From the ’80s through the today, gamers have been drawn to LGBT video games and it’s easy to see why: From the romance in Life Is Strange to the tragic events of Jacob in Gone Home, there are numerous ways to experience queer life within your gaming world.

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While a lot of PC gamers are skeptical of homosexual video games, some have made strides in the area over in the last few years. Life Is Strange may be the best-known game, but there were few other games released this year with LGBTQ content. The Game Bakers came out with a lighthearted adventure called Haven and it offered the possibility of having same-sex relationships. Cyberpunk 2077 also has canon gay characters available for gamers of all genders, and includes a non-binary protagonist who utilizes them or them.

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The thrilling and captivating suspense Kaiju Noir is a thrilling game where you take on the detective Caribara’s role, an investigator in a city full of giant creatures of the queer variety. In addition, 2023’s Dad Dating Simulator is a surprisingly effective exploration of the pain and joy of relationships between young queer people that unpacks both the pain of rejection and the power of youth-fuelled love.

One of the most notable achievements of the year, however, was the battle royale Apex Legends. While the genre is known for its toxicity and bro culture the new release has done a great job of creating an inclusive world that welcomes all people into the world of. This isn’t the only game with the transgender persona, but its inclusion of Tyler Alyson and Alyson is a significant improvement in eliminating barriers to a fulfilling life.

While these are just some of the great LGBT video games that are available on PC, it’s important to keep in mind that this industry is still in its infancy with regard to inclusiveness and diversity. As the industry faces an uncertain future, it’s now more vital than ever before that players support and praise the amazing LGBTQIA+ video games that are out there now. Through playing these amazing games, we’ll be able to show the world that there’s nothing to fear of when it comes to being gay or lesbian or any other thing in between!