Gay adventure games are an excellent opportunity to play the narrative game with LGBTQ themes and characters. They offer gay-friendly romance choices, additional characters, and stories that can either be played in a straight or gay character.

Gayboy games

The Indie platformer Celeste is a great example of a game that features an LGBTQ protagonist. The game’s designer, creator, director, and writer, Maddy Thorson, is transgender, so the queer element of the game is authentic and natural. It also features the infamous group of magic students who are all LGBTQ and is a wonderful method to show the diversity of the LGBTQ community within video games.

Gay visual novels

The cult RPG Fire Emblem Awakening is another excellent example of a homosexual adventure game. This game offers a variety of bisexual and gay romantic choices, in addition to a non-binary emcee. As opposed to many other RPGs on this list, the romances in Fire Emblem don’t just depend on the gender of the player; they also depend on which houses the player chooses to join. For instance for a male Courier is able to select the Confirmed Bachelor perk, which allows him to romance male and female NPCs and a female Courier may select Lady Killer and Cherchez la Femme. She can let her fall in love with Niles and Rhajat (both bisexual characters).

Gay pc games

Life is Strange is one of the most impressive examples of LGBTQ representation in a videogame. Max Caulfield and Steph’s love story was just one of the many sapphic stories that were featured in the debut episode of the episodic series. Life is Strange: True Colors and the 2017 prequel series Before the Storm further fleshed out this sexy romance, making Max canonically bisexual and permitting players to decide whether or not to fall in love with her.

Gay sex games on steam

Dragon Age is another series that has long made it a point to include queer characters. In the first two games of the series players were able to pursue romantic relationships with NPCs who’s gender didn’t matter. Examples include the vampire lords Dorian & Godfrey as well as the knights Arcade Gannon & Veronica Santangelo. The more recent Dragon Age: Inquisition added even more LGBTQ-friendly NPCs, including the non-binary tracking character Bloodhound and the sassy seer Loba.

Apex Legends, a free-to-play game with a varied number of characters, is another great example. The game’s LGBTQ representation includes the sassy female Valkyrie character, the queer pair Fuse and Seer as well as the brand new Catalyst (a transgender character). This is an indication that the games featured on this list don’t just focus on playing, but also focused on providing inclusive and meaningful stories that encourage inclusivity and equality.