The organisers of the 11th Gay Games, which will take place in Hong Kong this year, were hoping to create a major event that would bring in money and present Hong Kong to the world as a welcoming, dynamic destination ready to host LGBT visitors in a period where the country is squeezing down on all forms of sexuality and gender identity. However, a string of bureaucratic hurdles has left the Games in a less slender appearance than the organizers had planned.

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Nevertheless, participants have generally expressed appreciation and satisfaction with the occasion in a post-event poll. The overall tone was one of happiness and an understanding that the Games were meaningful and life-changing experiences that brought together sport and culture in a truly inclusive environment. There has been some acknowledgement of the issues but there’s an overwhelming desire to be able to participate in the next Games that will be held in Valencia in 2026.

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The Federation of Gay Games is an international cultural and sport organization that encourages acceptance of diversity in sexual orientation by promoting the game of Gay Games. It’s modeled after the Olympic Games and includes athletes of all ages from nations across the globe, which includes those in countries where homosexuality is illegal.

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