Video games create a resonant environment where characters and stories take on the form of real. They can help instill a feeling of self-worth for players, particularly when they are able to relate to the characters’ LGBTQ identities. The games industry has adapted to incorporate queer characters into their narratives, since they wish to reflect gamers’ lives.

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Whatever the game are based on science fiction, fantasy, or reality they all create immersive environments in which players can experience their fantasies about their favorite characters and real-life experiences. Many LGBTQ people feel that identifying with characters from games that involve role playing helps them be more confident in their sexuality and can help them deal with the difficult aspects of their lives.

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When representation of LGBTQ gamers becomes more accepted this helps mainstream these relationships and make bigotry and prejudice out of the picture (like it is rightly). It’s important for gamers to be able to enjoy LGBTQ games.

Mass Effect has a long-standing reputation of supporting relationships between characters that are the same gender. It was the same when it came to Mass Effect: Andromeda, which is the latest installment. Fans loved the idea that players could sleep with fellow players in the squad.

The relationships between gay and straight in the game are so well-known that they’ve inspired a variety of fan fictions that are available online. Shaw (2009) conducted interviews with a handful of the gamers to find out more about how they utilised their game’s homosexual choices, and found that the majority felt they were making a meaningful contribution to the narrative making use of them. Certain players were concerned about being homophobic or ghettoized by other gamers when they made their gay content too obvious.

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Another excellent instance of LGBTQ representation in video games is the well-known Vampire: The Masquerade series. This 2004 title follows the guidelines of the tabletop game of the same name, and has a range of vampire clans to pick from. The narrative of the game is extremely well written and all the aspects of a person’s personality are represented in the action sequences.

Dream Daddy is a more modern, lesser-known adult dating game which includes the possibility of a relationship with a woman who is similar to their own. The players take on the character of a single dad in the fictional town of Maple Bay, and have the choice of wooing various single dads. This is an essential game for LGBTQ gamers. It’s got a hilarious artwork style and lots of dad puns.