Game makers have made great strides in creating games that let players explore their gender and sexuality more deeply than before. It doesn’t matter if it’s offering LGBTQ romance alternatives, offering nuanced options when creating characters or incorporating queer side characters that are integral to the society that gamers play in video games, they are providing players the opportunity to reflect on their own identities and find an underlying sense of belonging.

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Until recently, gamers weren’t allowed to play as homosexual, bisexual, or lesbian characters in most video games. When gay characters were introduced as characters, they were either undeveloped or stereotyped, or employed as a joke. However, as attitudes have changed in the gaming world, publishers and developers have listened and have begun to incorporate LGBT themes and characters into their titles.

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BioWare’s Dragon Age series, for example, is a collection of queer characters that don’t hesitate to be who they are, such as transmen and exiles who come together to form a unique community in the midst of the city. This is a fantastic example of how the inclusion of queer characters in games can motivate individuals to pursue their dreams.

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In contrast, Fullbright’s 2018 game Tacoma uses an approach that is more realistic in exploring the traumatic experience of young queer love. Despite the unsettling scene of an old house and the suggestion that something awful has occurred to the family who live in the house, the tale that unfolds through careful exploration and focus on detail is an inspiring. It’s inspiring to realize that, despite their family’s wishes, the sister went with her heart.

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Zynga is the company that developed some of mobile gaming’s most well-known games, has recently rolled out Pride themed prizes and cosmetics in a number of their games in recognition of Pride Month. The company contributes to the It Gets Better Project, and helps employees by supporting a variety diversification initiatives.

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There are many more examples of the ways that LGBTQ representation is becoming more prevalent in games, however we’ve rounded 15 games that caught our attention this year. From LGBTQ-themed romance choices to nonbinary gender representation we’ve gathered some of the most played games that feature LGBT themes and characters. Here are a few of the most popular games that feature LGBT themes and characters.