Video games can have significant influence on the opinions of people. It’s even more effective when they’re used to portray LGBTQ+ characters. They show queer romantic relationships are possible in any genre or time period and that it’s fine to be unique. A representational approach is vital, especially in the present day in which bigotry poses a serious danger to the lives of many people.

Gay video games

Video game makers are slowly but surely expanding gay bisexual, lesbian and transgender (LGBT) romance options to their titles throughout the years. Certain of these games have the ability to customize your character’s appearance at the beginning of the game while some have a standard gay romance as one the options available in game.

Games with gay romance

Certain games have received praise for their shocking portrayals, but others have been criticized. Let’s examine the most prominent examples.

Gay video game couples

The sandbox RPG Fallout: New Vegas is well-known for its substantial LGBTQ representation, which includes a variety of quack characters, and a romantic choice for the player. Both genders can be an unnamed Courier and both come with the option of Confirmed Bachelor, that allows you to love NPCs. A male Courier for instance, can choose to romance characters Pamela and Noelani while a female Courier can choose to romance characters Kerry or River.

Gay video game

The transgender NPC is another example. V who is a transgender character, and uses the pronouns. They can also be a bisexual or hexasexual person. Tauulo, a Buhru cultist who is romanced by male players, is said to not be non-binary. The Scottish Radiant character Clove was explicitly revealed as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns in the game’s release announcement.

Gay rpg games

The game also includes a queer couple, Vladimir and Godfrey. They were knights and lovers, but Godfrey was killed by an enigmatic vampire Lord. Vladimir, who was a lover and knight was turned into a vampire lord and then he was angry at the one that killed their lover.

Gone Home, Tacoma and other games are also highly acclaimed for their portrayal of queer individuals. The first show the sadness and joy young queer lovers experience while the latter tells an account about transgender individuals in America and today.

Other games indie that focus on queer romances include the dating simulation Monster Prom and the beautiful visual novel A Summer’s End. In both games, the player can interact and have a romantic relationship with many different queer women. This lets them explore the joys of being in relationship with the other woman. In the first scenario, you’ll be able to love the mermaid Nafula when her father tries to get her to marry to make money. The story of this young LGBTQ couple has become popular with the gaming community. It’s heartwarming, and sweet. This is an important step in establishing gay relationships as normal and helping eradicate prejudice. It’s just a matter how long before queer romantic games become commonplace.